“We are – and we must be convinced of this – inside an ecosystem: our earthly journey is a journey we make along with the environment, nature, the universe.
Our organism, our morality, our culture, our knowledge, our feelings are connected with the environment, with the universe, with the world. And here we can find the spider web of our life.” Loris Malaguzzi


For many years, in Reggio Emilia’s preschools, a personal post box has been available to every child; a place for exchanging thoughts, small gifts, drawings, and invitations.
Promoted by the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre in Reggio Emilia, the international project of Planetary Messages takes its inspiration from this “chain” of messages and communication, and is related to one of the interactive play installations designed by the Reggio Children team for the Children Park in Expo Milan 2015.


Planetary Messages are children’s thoughts, questions, dialogues on the world, on the planet. We are interested in knowing what children think and say about the Earth, viewed as a place of relations, a living organism with which children have an empathetic, light-hearted relationship. So it might be the message is a thought on the energy inside each one of us, a conversation between snails, a map of the stars, a theory about the tides…


We are not asking children to find a solution to the planetary problems and responsibilities of adults, or to comment on them: we simply wish to listen to them.
We think their Planetary Messages can give us the sense of light-footed poetry and humanity that we constantly need, for the present and for the future.